In the light of the recent comments by Aamir Khan, these are some of the responses collected from Twitter:

Highlighting a few points:
Uninstalling Snapdeal to show our patriotism and TOLERANCE.
Asking him to leave the country to show our tolerance.
And attacking him and his personal space to prove that we are ‘tolerant’

If you were a part of any of this and are claiming India is tolerant, may be you should re think the meaning on tolerant; and maybe, just may be, YOU are the reason Kiran said India is intolerant.

Tolerant India would accept criticism and try to correct it. Tolerant India wouldn’t boycott/uninstall Snapdeal because of Aamir Khan. Tolerant India wouldn’t ask him to leave the country and go to Paris or Pakistan. Tolerant India would certainly not react the way we’ve reacted.

Stop for one second and think again. Stop reacting and start thinking.
Prove that Aamir Khan was wrong by actually being tolerant. Make him eat his own words; do not prove him right, please!

Be tolerant. Be proud.