The L word

Learning is about inspiration, not information!

You are never really “done” learning. Learning is a constant process that keeps your mind alive and functioning. It can be thought of as breathing for your brain, once you stop doing it, your brain becomes dead<so to speak!> Idle mind is a devils playground. And when you stop assimilating knowledge, your brain becomes idle and starts wandering off in unproductive directions with you having no control over them!

When you do not feed your mind important, informative, intellectual <and other words starting from i that’ll make you think I’m smart> things to think about, it’ll usually result in you pondering over problems and overthinking, which is not healthy for either you or your brain. Keep your mind busy enough so it does not have time to think and worry about all the things that do not exist. Overthinking causes you to worry about the most unlikely scenarios <Imagine some witty example of why overthinking is a mess!>

We can all agree that education system, which says it is teaching something to kids, is heavily flawed. A bunch of kids — each definitely unique in their own ways, with obviously different interests, and who will all take varied amounts of time to comprehend and learn something are taught the same thing over a same period of time and are tested on the basis of their understanding of that! In my opinion, these tests determine the ability of the teacher to convey the information more than the student’s intellectual ability. <Many Indians nodding furiously in approval>

Since the obvious choice of learning seems to be below par, what do we do? Well, the Internet is a wonderful place to turn to at this time. We are fortunate to be a part of a world where you can Google anything and information about it appears for free, at your convenience.

Think about it, Internet is like your portable library+personal advisor+intellectual partner in crime.

In a world where information is so easily and readily available, the irony is that not many access and make use of it. We instead use the Internet for social media stalking and validation purposes. There’s nothing wrong with that but I urge you to take one small break from that routine and to focus on learning something new. It is a very small change in your life that could lead to many good things.

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In the light of the recent comments by Aamir Khan, these are some of the responses collected from Twitter:

Highlighting a few points:
Uninstalling Snapdeal to show our patriotism and TOLERANCE.
Asking him to leave the country to show our tolerance.
And attacking him and his personal space to prove that we are ‘tolerant’

If you were a part of any of this and are claiming India is tolerant, may be you should re think the meaning on tolerant; and maybe, just may be, YOU are the reason Kiran said India is intolerant.

Tolerant India would accept criticism and try to correct it. Tolerant India wouldn’t boycott/uninstall Snapdeal because of Aamir Khan. Tolerant India wouldn’t ask him to leave the country and go to Paris or Pakistan. Tolerant India would certainly not react the way we’ve reacted.

Stop for one second and think again. Stop reacting and start thinking.
Prove that Aamir Khan was wrong by actually being tolerant. Make him eat his own words; do not prove him right, please!

Be tolerant. Be proud.