The poles of a magnet

I find it interesting when people say that two different people attract just like two unlike poles of a magnet attract. Just because a material with certain properties attracts when brought close to the another ‘pole’, does that apply to humans as well?

MY answer is no. Of course, when two people with different opinions come together, they’ll have a lot to talk about and discuss. They will never get bored and keep each other entertained. But think about it, these days people are so competitive and egoistic that nobody wants to lose anything…. even an argument. So, a friendly debate will lead to an argument which neither of them want to lose and finally burst out someday and end in a tragedy.

I’m not saying two people should have the exact same interests and opinions about everything; life would be too boring then but all that I’m trying to say is that two very different people can never make it together till the end. Two poles of a magnet

Take a look at the above picture, that is exactly what happens when two extremes come together, they might me but never mix. But then again, this is solely my thoughts and I’ve been wrong before.