Planning for a distant future

Of late, I’ve been planning for a life that I’m want to embark. I’m almost 20 and I feel like I’m ready to start planning my life. I could be so wrong for all I know. I mean, I have been wrong before. Multiple times. On numerous occasions. For various reasons.

But!! I have started planning out what my life should look like. I’ve made a rough sketch of what I’ll be doing in five years from now. It all looks good on paper. Very tantalizing, failing to give a true idea of how hard it is going to be. Then, I started thinking about what needs to be done in order to be able to do everything I have planned to do. And that’s where the problem started…

Now, don’t mistake me, I think hard work is the only route to success and there are absolutely no shortcuts but man, hard work is hard (hence, the name, I suppose). Planning was so much fun, listing out all the things I’d own and all things this I’d do and all the people I’ll be surrounded with; was all so blissfully planned without thinking of the amount of hard work that goes in it. This life I’ve imagined for myself is something I truly want because I seemed really happy in it. Sure, that’s always not the case and there’ll always be ups and downs but is that going to stop me living this crazy awesome life I’ve planned for myself. Now that I’ve ideated my future and there’s something to look forward to for the next couple of years, I know exactly how to monitor, track and assess my progress (all of the three words used mean the same thing).

I’m ready to put in the hard work, I’ve slacked off enough and procrastinated much more than I should have and I’m done doing those unproductive things that have led me to believe I’m useless and cannot achieve anything.. Bill Gates, the famous entrepreneur and the founder of Microsoft was known for a famous quote

“I never took a day off in my twenties.” – Bill Gates

That explains why he’s a billionaire and is such a respected and admired entrepreneur. Now, I’m not 20 yet but I’m very close (one week till I’m twenty) so I want to try to follow this as much as possible. I’m going to make a poster of that quote and hang it on the wall in my room (will post a picture soon) and look at it every time I feel like taking a break; that is, every SINGLE day. But that’s okay, if I have to remind myself this every day in order to be the person I want to be, then I will remind myself every single day.

By following the principles of the successful people, through their days of failure, especially, you learn more than any book could ever teach you. So, be wise while choosing your rock stars and follow them and their principles that got them to where they are today. Make plans for your future and picture yourself in a place you are truly happy. Make sure you follow up with the work necessary to achieve what you have pictured. It ain’t gonna be easy, but it’ll be worth every bit, trust me.

Work hard. Be great.


Been a while

I haven’t blogged in a while. Why? Just the usual excuse, been very busy with all the college work and stuff. But in all fairness, I just couldn’t think of what to write.

Over the last couple of months there have been many unfortunate incidents that I don’t need to remind you about. I wanted to write about this only because, it’s such a big issue all over the world. The attacks on Gaza, the planes that have gone missing or been shot down and many others.

The only thing that differentiates a human from an animal is his ability to empathize, comprehend and act in a smart way. But these incidents suggest that we are none of the above mentioned. Killing people to establish your power is an unacceptable act and people should be ashamed of such an act of unkindness. Yes, it has been said many times and me saying it isn’t gonna make any big difference but think about it, why would someone be so messed up that they would wanna hurt other people? Simple, they feel insecure about themselves and want the attention and want to feel like they have power. So, these acts are basically acts of insecurity which means if these people(or just their leader) were to be introduced to a Psychiatrist, these problems would go away.

Oh and of course the planes deserve a mention while talking about unfortunate incidents. I feel really sorry for all those families who have lost their loved ones. IT’s one thing to know that they’re dead, it’s completely agonizing to not know what has happened to them. So, I hope they find some closure soon. I’ve always wondered what has happened to that black box, it has got to be somewhere on the earth, right? I mean, the plane was not taken away by some sort of an alien? There has got to be an explanation and we should find it soon.

So, yeah, this is my article after so long and I wanted to talk about these issues that have been bothering me. Feel free to leave your comments below so that I can know what you people are thinking.

Stay euphoric.



Laws that make you say “What!”


So, I came across this article on the internet where they’d mentioned all the crazy laws across the world. I have picked out myTop 5 that I think are absolutely hilarious and ridiculous.

  1. In Alabama, it is illegal to stab oneself and gain pity of others. (Like, seriously?)
  2. And, one is not allowed to wear a fake mustache to church, that may cause laughter.(Right then, NEVER BE FUNNY!)
  3. In California, it is illegal to eat an orange sitting in a bathtub. (Wonder who’s gonna keep an eye on everyone’s bathtub.)
  4. In Florida, it is an offense to bathe naked. (WHATTT!)
  5. It is illegal to take a lion to the movies in Baltimore. (Aw, I can’t take my pet Aslan)

The birthday week…

April 29th was my birthday and it was something very special to me. On the stroke of twelve I was wished by many people- either by text or call. The next day I had a test at college, so I didn’t have any massive plans with my friends which was kind of sad. But as I went to college, I saw my friend May in her car but didn’t stop for me, that seemed odd. Then I go to class and find out that May and Madison have bunked it. That was something that doesn’t happen very often as they usually invite me while bunking. I grew increasingly suspicious.

In the break, I was taken to the canteen by the friends present in the class cause they were hungry. As we went there, I found May and Maddy writing their ‘homework’. They asked me for a treat and when I said no, they decided to buy me something(LOL). I asked for a sandwich and went to the table. They come after a few minutes with a glorious black forest cake in their hand and everybody says “Surprise!” That felt so good and I thanked all of them and proceeded to cut it. There weren’t any candles, so I decided to blow out my imaginary candles(No, I’m not retarded!)

We cut the cake, clicked some pictures, ate the cake, drank the drinks and opened the gift. The gift was a yellow and white striped top which was so cute. Thank you guys(And thank you for the card too, I guess!)

Then we went to the class and sat there studying for the test on that day, which sucked big time.

After college, I had to go meet up with some of my friends from school. I was delayed as my shoes were with May and she didn’t finish her exams. I was late to go meet with two of my friends. They kept insisting I give a treat and so I decided to give them the treat. Then they took to a  restaurant nearby.

As we entered the restaurant, I saw more of my friends at the table and they shouted “Surprise!” (well, at least that was the plan, but they didn’t really shout. :P)

There were lot of them to be named, so I’m just gonna go to the cake cutting part. This was a huge cheesy chocolate cake which looked absolutely delicious. I cut the cake as everybody sang all and fed it to all. Got some on my face for the second time in the same day. And we ordered some food and ate them. I opened the gift, which was a pair of sexy-looking Converse All-Star shoes. I was excited about the gift cause I’ve been wanting a shoe for a while now. And then we sat there talking and talking. Then we decided to leave and a guy living on my street said he’d drop me in his cool bike (he didn’t really say ‘COOL BIKE’, duh!). Then I reached home and told this story to my parents.


And that is the story of ‘What happened when I turned 18’