Being Busy

We think it is good to be busy

If you are anything like a normal human being, you’ve probably come across a point where you had to tell someone you were busy with something important. And chances are, you have said this even though you had nothing important and you just needed an excuse to get out the situation. But many a times, we miss out on experiences being were are being ‘busy’ for no apparent reason. Let me elaborate.

We are so caught up in our everyday hectic life —the job/college, the family/kids, the hustle and the work. We convince ourselves that leading a hectic life is a good thing. We believe that being ‘busy’ is progress. But who are we kidding! We cannot be too busy for life. Life passes by when you too busy focusing on unimportant things. I firmly believe in this. Now, this is not to say you should quit your job and say yes to all of the things that people are inviting you to. No. This is merely a reminder that you might not be as ‘busy’ as you think. And once a while, it is okay to let your hair down and enjoy a nice dinner with loved ones. It is okay to pause the hustle and be happy with who you are and enjoy life as it comes. Take a break and really savour the moment.

Further, being productive and being busy are often confused to be the same thing. Often times, when you are productive, you are not really ‘busy’. Because being productive means planning in advance what you are going to do and this means have time to relax and chill. So, stop fooling yourself that just because you don’t have any time left in the day, you are being productive. It simply means you haven’t planned a schedule or you follow a crappy schedule.

So, try to get out of this misconception of how being busy is good for you. It is destroying you one day at a time.

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