Why hate when you don’t have to?

It is very easy to hate and say mean things about each other but takes a lot of effort to spread love. Think about it, have you ever heard yourself say that you hate someone? Chances are, you have! But have you tried not hating them? Have you given yourself an opportunity to understand what they must be going through to have said or done that mean thing? May be they are not a bad person and do not deserve your hate – may be it was circumstances that made them do something horrible; it could be their bad experiences or their bad childhood.. either way, everybody deserves love.

Yes, sometimes you feel like you have no choice and what the other person has done is so horrible and you feel like they aren’t a nice person and you just wish they were dead. But give yourself the time to walk away from the situation and reflect on it. If you still feel they aren’t worth your time, then don’t cross paths with the person again.. Keep yourself away from that kind of negativity and give yourself a chance to love more people in a better way.

Why intensify the hate towards the people you hate when you can intensify the love towards the people you love?

Spread some love and some joy to the world. If you are not able to do that, at least don’t spread hate. Everyone has a story you aren’t aware of and stop judging them without knowing the whole chronicle. If you cannot be in the presence of someone without hating on them, keep yourself away from them and give yourself a chance to be around people that make you happy.


Spread some love.