Been a while

I haven’t blogged in a while. Why? Just the usual excuse, been very busy with all the college work and stuff. But in all fairness, I just couldn’t think of what to write.

Over the last couple of months there have been many unfortunate incidents that I don’t need to remind you about. I wanted to write about this only because, it’s such a big issue all over the world. The attacks on Gaza, the planes that have gone missing or been shot down and many others.

The only thing that differentiates a human from an animal is his ability to empathize, comprehend and act in a smart way. But these incidents suggest that we are none of the above mentioned. Killing people to establish your power is an unacceptable act and people should be ashamed of such an act of unkindness. Yes, it has been said many times and me saying it isn’t gonna make any big difference but think about it, why would someone be so messed up that they would wanna hurt other people? Simple, they feel insecure about themselves and want the attention and want to feel like they have power. So, these acts are basically acts of insecurity which means if these people(or just their leader) were to be introduced to a Psychiatrist, these problems would go away.

Oh and of course the planes deserve a mention while talking about unfortunate incidents. I feel really sorry for all those families who have lost their loved ones. IT’s one thing to know that they’re dead, it’s completely agonizing to not know what has happened to them. So, I hope they find some closure soon. I’ve always wondered what has happened to that black box, it has got to be somewhere on the earth, right? I mean, the plane was not taken away by some sort of an alien? There has got to be an explanation and we should find it soon.

So, yeah, this is my article after so long and I wanted to talk about these issues that have been bothering me. Feel free to leave your comments below so that I can know what you people are thinking.

Stay euphoric.