My Chelsea love: How it all started

It started about ten years ago (2003-04 season), when my brother was watching a game between Liverpool and Chelsea. I didn’t know anything about football back then, but I was forced to watch it. My brother was supporting Liverpool and to spice things up I said Chelsea will win. It turned out to be one hell of a match. I still remember Chelsea took a lead in the first half before it was equalized by a Liverpool penalty in the second. I remember the penalty because it was taken twice for some reason I can’t remember and LFC missed the first one but scored the second. 😛

Chelsea scored late on in the game to snatch away a victory at Anfield. At that point I thought, that was the last football match I’d see, it so happens, the next week as I was switching channels I came across Chelsea v Leicester and I decided to watch it as there was nothing else on TV; Chelsea won that game with a 2-1 scoreline too. Then I started watching their games week in week out, only a few were telecasted if I remember correctly. That season Chelsea finished second and I felt so bad. 😦

I was too small to realize that I’ve started supporting CFC but Chelsea were always the team for me and I will never forget the first time I watched them play. It might seem like a stupid reason to support a team but like they say

‘You don’t pick a team, the team picks you’  

Well, Chelsea picked me on 17th August, 2003 and I have grown into a passionate admirer of Chelsea Football Club.  🙂

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  1. Hahaha almost the same thing happened with me! I got hooked when my cousin brother used to watch matches. He was a Liverpool fan. Then another cousin would come often and they would have some banter because he was a Chelsea fan. I knew 0 about football at that time – I used to be a cricketer. So anyway when we would meet, the Chelsea cousin would prompt me like, why don’t you start football? Support Chelsea; Liverpool is shit. I still didn’t make up my mind. But soon I began seeing more of these two people talking all things about football, and watching superb goals by Ronaldinho and stuff like that.

    One day, after having seen two or three Didier goals before, I decided I would support CFC. I watched a late-night match which I think was Liverpool v Chelsea in 2012. I was waiting to tweet my LFC cousin troll comments but unfortunately we lost. Hehe. But then Didi went. I didn’t see much after that. Then about a year or so later, I started really getting into the league and there we go.

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