The year that crafted my life

I recently celebrated my birthday and now I’m officially an adult. The last year has been indifferent for me as I’ve experienced so many different things, visiting 2 different countries, graduating from school, joining a college, learning different arts and many many more. I have always been a realist in life, but the past year has brought the optimist out of me and I’m really having fun. There are plenty of things I’ve learnt in the last year and I’m truly blessed to be surrounded by the people I love and that love me back enormously.
Sometimes all that we need is people to tell us that everything is gonna be okay. I want to thank all my friends for the incredible birthday surprise they gave me, like I said I’m truly blessed to have you all.
This is my first post here in this site and I look forward to sharing my life and thoughts with you…




  1. Nandy, this was so heartfelt. Thank you for being such a cool person too! The only tomboy out of ’em all! I identify with you lol.



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