The poles of a magnet

I find it interesting when people say that two different people attract just like two unlike poles of a magnet attract. Just because a material with certain properties attracts when brought close to the another ‘pole’, does that apply to humans as well?

MY answer is no. Of course, when two people with different opinions come together, they’ll have a lot to talk about and discuss. They will never get bored and keep each other entertained. But think about it, these days people are so competitive and egoistic that nobody wants to lose anything…. even an argument. So, a friendly debate will lead to an argument which neither of them want to lose and finally burst out someday and end in a tragedy.

I’m not saying two people should have the exact same interests and opinions about everything; life would be too boring then but all that I’m trying to say is that two very different people can never make it together till the end. Two poles of a magnet

Take a look at the above picture, that is exactly what happens when two extremes come together, they might me but never mix. But then again, this is solely my thoughts and I’ve been wrong before.




My Chelsea love: How it all started

It started about ten years ago (2003-04 season), when my brother was watching a game between Liverpool and Chelsea. I didn’t know anything about football back then, but I was forced to watch it. My brother was supporting Liverpool and to spice things up I said Chelsea will win. It turned out to be one hell of a match. I still remember Chelsea took a lead in the first half before it was equalized by a Liverpool penalty in the second. I remember the penalty because it was taken twice for some reason I can’t remember and LFC missed the first one but scored the second. 😛

Chelsea scored late on in the game to snatch away a victory at Anfield. At that point I thought, that was the last football match I’d see, it so happens, the next week as I was switching channels I came across Chelsea v Leicester and I decided to watch it as there was nothing else on TV; Chelsea won that game with a 2-1 scoreline too. Then I started watching their games week in week out, only a few were telecasted if I remember correctly. That season Chelsea finished second and I felt so bad. 😦

I was too small to realize that I’ve started supporting CFC but Chelsea were always the team for me and I will never forget the first time I watched them play. It might seem like a stupid reason to support a team but like they say

‘You don’t pick a team, the team picks you’  

Well, Chelsea picked me on 17th August, 2003 and I have grown into a passionate admirer of Chelsea Football Club.  🙂

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The birthday week…

April 29th was my birthday and it was something very special to me. On the stroke of twelve I was wished by many people- either by text or call. The next day I had a test at college, so I didn’t have any massive plans with my friends which was kind of sad. But as I went to college, I saw my friend May in her car but didn’t stop for me, that seemed odd. Then I go to class and find out that May and Madison have bunked it. That was something that doesn’t happen very often as they usually invite me while bunking. I grew increasingly suspicious.

In the break, I was taken to the canteen by the friends present in the class cause they were hungry. As we went there, I found May and Maddy writing their ‘homework’. They asked me for a treat and when I said no, they decided to buy me something(LOL). I asked for a sandwich and went to the table. They come after a few minutes with a glorious black forest cake in their hand and everybody says “Surprise!” That felt so good and I thanked all of them and proceeded to cut it. There weren’t any candles, so I decided to blow out my imaginary candles(No, I’m not retarded!)

We cut the cake, clicked some pictures, ate the cake, drank the drinks and opened the gift. The gift was a yellow and white striped top which was so cute. Thank you guys(And thank you for the card too, I guess!)

Then we went to the class and sat there studying for the test on that day, which sucked big time.

After college, I had to go meet up with some of my friends from school. I was delayed as my shoes were with May and she didn’t finish her exams. I was late to go meet with two of my friends. They kept insisting I give a treat and so I decided to give them the treat. Then they took to a  restaurant nearby.

As we entered the restaurant, I saw more of my friends at the table and they shouted “Surprise!” (well, at least that was the plan, but they didn’t really shout. :P)

There were lot of them to be named, so I’m just gonna go to the cake cutting part. This was a huge cheesy chocolate cake which looked absolutely delicious. I cut the cake as everybody sang all and fed it to all. Got some on my face for the second time in the same day. And we ordered some food and ate them. I opened the gift, which was a pair of sexy-looking Converse All-Star shoes. I was excited about the gift cause I’ve been wanting a shoe for a while now. And then we sat there talking and talking. Then we decided to leave and a guy living on my street said he’d drop me in his cool bike (he didn’t really say ‘COOL BIKE’, duh!). Then I reached home and told this story to my parents.


And that is the story of ‘What happened when I turned 18’


The year that crafted my life

I recently celebrated my birthday and now I’m officially an adult. The last year has been indifferent for me as I’ve experienced so many different things, visiting 2 different countries, graduating from school, joining a college, learning different arts and many many more. I have always been a realist in life, but the past year has brought the optimist out of me and I’m really having fun. There are plenty of things I’ve learnt in the last year and I’m truly blessed to be surrounded by the people I love and that love me back enormously.
Sometimes all that we need is people to tell us that everything is gonna be okay. I want to thank all my friends for the incredible birthday surprise they gave me, like I said I’m truly blessed to have you all.
This is my first post here in this site and I look forward to sharing my life and thoughts with you…